Manners, where did they go?

As a child growing up, I was always taught how important it was to use my manners. I was to always say please, thank you, excuse me (I used to get the eyebrow from Dad when I burped at the table haha). Working in retail, it seems that manners and chivalry are a thing of the past. Are we just being lazy? Or are we forgetting to teach our future generations how important they are?

Simple actions like saying please and thank you, opening a door for the person behind you, apologising when you accidentally bump into someone, they’re all incredibly easy yet it seems to some they are moreover a chore.

Manners are possibly the most simple way to show kindness to others, it doesn’t take time or effort to be polite. Save room for manners, and kindness, and help us encourage our future generations to be kind to one another, use their manners, be chivalrous and generous, the world will be a much kinder, nicer place to live in!


Kindness x Environment

Being kind to our environment is equally as important as being kind to others, and of course yourself.
“But, how can I be kind to the environment?” Luckily for you, we stumbled across this seriously adorable YouTube video made by a handful of 9-11 year olds.

Although these five tips are basically common sense, it’s a reminder that each and every one of us can put these simple ideas into action and help mother nature do her thing. If 10 year olds can do it, we can too!

Remember to save room for kindness, and our world will be a much nicer (and environmentally friendly) place to live!

Mental Health – Why it’s important to always be kind

This post is inspired by our friends The Faces of Mental Health.

“With 1 in 5 Australians experiencing mental illness every year, it is surprising how little people actually talk about it. Mental health isn’s something that should be tabooed, hush-hushed or ignored, it should be talked about openly and without the stigmas that surround it.” – The Faces of Mental Health

It’s important not to let stigmas get in the way of really getting to know someone for who they are. People should not be defined by their mental health, whether it be depression, anxiety, or many of the other illnesses that can often be quite debilitating.

Statistics show that 65% of people with mental health issues do not access treatment and continue to suffer in silence.  All it takes is to start a conversation, or simply listen – priceless acts of kindness that could change someone’s life. It doesn’t take much at all to make a difference, and you, yes YOU could be the person to start creating positive change that someone may need.


Does anyone remember this guy? Tommy Franklin from Australia’s Got Talent 2013 loved to dance so much that he took it upon himself to enter a talent show and share his joy with the entire nation. I remember watching this on TV with the biggest grin on my face. It was such a unique combination of bizarre, sad, hilarious and happy. You can check out the clip here:

For me, music is happiness. Whenever i’m feeling down or in a bad mood, nothing cheers me up more than having a jam or listening to my favourite songs. Sure a lot of us experience happiness, but how often do we help spread it? Whether it be through a cheesy joke, tagging a friend in one of those silly Facebook videos that are constantly inundating your timeline, dancing like Tommy Franklin or even buying your Mum a bunch of flowers, there are so many simple ways to brighten someone’s day. What does happiness mean to you? And how do you share it with others?

Daily motivation? Yes please!

Struggling with positivity? Lacking motivation? Feeling down? We have a cure for you!

Our Instagram is thriving with inspirational messages, photos, quotes, and we’d love nothing more than to share it with you. We post these great images daily, acting as a constant reminder to save room for kindness and remain positive even when times are tough, sometimes we all need that little extra boost to help us along.

Our instagram username is, as usual, @roomforkindness, get involved and hashtag your photos to #roomforkindness for a chance for your photo to be featured on our page! (You can also see some of our instagram posts to the right hand side of our homepage). Remember, save room for kindness every day and help us create a kinder world for all!

Lesson 7 – The Vibe

Our friends at Surfiquette Sydney have written up a super cool post on kindness in the water; for those of you who surf this is a must see article! We’re all about spreading kindness and positivity wherever we can and Surfiquette Sydney are helping us do just that! Check out their twitter and insta as well (@surfiquette) for funny photos and other surfing tips and info, you won’t be disappointed!

Surfiquette Sydney

“I’m a big believer in a vibe in the lineup. If the waves are pumping but the people have got an aggressive attitude, to me that surf is kind of fucked, it’s blown.”Dave Rastovich

This post is one we’re really passionate about, and one that has been inspired by an absolutely tip-top campaign called Room For KindnessA daily squiz at their Instagram and Facebook will get you all sorts of fired up to go out and spread some of that good energy.

The vibe. It may sound a bit hey-man-pass-the-joint, but we can assure you, it’s completely concrete. You will soon experience a surf where somebody has a poor attitude, and is not afraid to telegraph the point. They may scowl and curse under their breath, or they may regress to full-blown screaming, and we have seen this everything in between, regularly. It sucks.

But hey, don’t just…

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On the road againnnn, goin’ places that i’ve never been!

GUEST POST TIME!!! Our lovely friend Stephanie Marinkovic kindly shared her thoughts with us about kindness on the road; what is okay, what isn’t okay, and what’s just plain stupid. 
Our roads are a shared space and we should all make the effort to be a little more kind when we’re out and about.

So we’ve reblogged a post on tips for a better cycling experience but there’s much more room for kindness on our roads. Here’s some things to remember:

In the last week, I had a pedestrian quite literally run out onto the road, right in front of my car as I was going 60km/h and then another who decided she’d take a nice leisurely stroll across the road, so slowly that I had to completely stop to avoid hitting her.

Apart from the fact that you should care about your own safety, if you need to cross a road without a light or pedestrian crossing, be wary of the cars around you. They have the right of way and it is extremely infuriating when pedestrians can not adhere to basic road and safety rules. By just waiting for the one extra car to go past before running out onto the road, you’re not only protecting yourself but making our road experiences more pleasant for everyone involved!

Since getting my licence, I’ve realised just how rude and selfish some drivers can be. First off, indicators. USE THEM. It’s not just common courtesy, it’s the law and it’s amazing how many people just decide they’re not necessary. Second, don’t tailgate. If you’re in that much of a hurry, overtake them. Find some room for kindness and don’t pressure them to speed up. Third, is it that hard to just let people merge in front of you? I didn’t think so. Especially in the traffic rush in the morning. We’re all in the same situation so why no be a bit kinder to others on the road.

Check out the post on tips for a better cycling experience. They’ve pretty much got it covered! But just as a recap. Indicate: It’s just as necessary for cyclists as it is motorists. Don’t run red lights and refrain from zigging in and out of traffic. It’s annoying and scary for the motorists (who I can assure you, do not want to hit you) and it’s just basic safety. And for some more added humour, enjoy these memes:


It’s something that a lot of us struggle with. We all have different battles, we’re all running our own race, but sometimes it’s necessary to call on good friends and family to help us through the rough patches.

In times of hardship I often find myself lacking patience, and forgetting or neglecting to be kind to others, and with so much negativity constantly ongoing throughout the world it’s sometimes difficult to see the bigger picture, it’s not always easy to find the good within the bad.

After putting it to some of our twitter followers, many people suggested music was their favourite way to escape negativity, relax and set free their worries and insecurities. As a massive music lover myself, I couldn’t agree more. After setting aside some ‘me’ time and listening to some of my favourite songs and watching some of my favourite movies (You’re never too old for the Lion King) I felt much better and more motivated to change my attitude and really appreciate the people involved in my life. In doing this, i’d really love to get to know you all a bit better so i’m going to throw a few fun questions out there:

a) What’s your favourite song(s) or band/artist that you like to listen to when you’re feeling down?

b) What are some of your favourite movies?

Be kind to yourself

Today I learned that sometimes it’s necessary to put yourself first. I personally am someone who puts everyone else before myself, which isn’t a bad thing, in fact more often than not putting other people before yourself is a wonderful way to express generosity, gratitude and kindness to others.
Haven’t we all experienced too many taxi rides where that one friend without a doubt says “I’ll pay you back I promise”. This has happened to me far too much lately, I need to learn to say no sometimes and not be this guy:

As much as I love Jim Carrey, I don’t always want to be the Yes Man, and often find myself having a huge internal battle (because we all would really love to be able to afford to pay for that that taxi ride or that breakfast date with our friends). Do you ever find yourself in these situations? Does your niceness sometimes get the better of you? Do people take advantage of your kind nature? Share your stories with us, we’d love to hear about your experiences!

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10 ways to make our world a better place to live in


If only we listened to Sebastian sooner! Turn on the news and you’re immediately bombarded with harsh graphics of death, war and disaster. Would we have been able to avoid these things with a little peace, love and kindness?

I truly think we all need to step up our game, whether you’re leading a fast paced life and you’re “too busy”, too lazy or even too shy, we’re all about reminding people that there’s always Room For Kindness in life. Here are some really simple ideas that everyone can do to help make the world a nicer place to live in:

1. Hold open a door for someone

2. Compliment someone, anyone!

3. Smile more

4. Say please and thank you! (Manners maketh the man, and the lady!)

5. Whether you have right of way or not, let that silly driver merge in front of you (hehe, we’ve all been there!)

6. If you’re not entirely broke, buy the next person behind you their coffee!

7. Offer your seat up to that elderly person on the bus or train, although this generally is common courtesy a lot of people forget!

8. Kindness to the environment is equally as important, pick up a piece of rubbish and throw it in the bin, it might not seem like much but you might save a little sea critter’s life! (Yay animals, yay sea critters, yay clean environments!)

9. One of my favourites, bake something delicious and take it somewhere to share! (I often take baked goodies to work, a nice pick me up and a kind way to show people that you care for them, who doesn’t like baked goods, nom nom!)

10. Pay it forward! Encourage acts of kindness and positivity amongst the people around you and help us change the world, watch the ripples spread outwards and kindness flow.